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Meteor Testing – Link and MemoryRouter

I’ve been taking a course about Meteor and I’ve absolutely loved it. However, one thing that has completely thrown me off is how testing works. For example, I had no errors when using <Link> in my webapp, but when trying to mount a component for testing (Mocha / Chai / Enzyme), I received an error […]

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Unwanted reloads with PHP, Sqlite, and Webpack

Well specifically, I’ve been using create-react-app and I’ve been having unwanted page refreshes for the longest time. It was annoying but I ignored it until today, when I realized that it was really causing problem with testing the user experience using the dev server. It took me a while, but I realized that my sqlite […]

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KnockoutJS and MomentJS

As usual, I spent too long debugging. MomentJS wasn’t accepting my fairly standard Date/Time of YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss. I finally switched to a unix timestamp, and even that wasn’t working properly. I thought maybe I was passing a string and Moment might require a number, but parseInt also failed. I finally realized, by using typeof(mydate), that […]

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