Project – Electron, Uppy, Podbean

I’ve been working for quite a while on an Electron project to upload files to Podbean. The initial idea was to build it to how I need it, then customize it to be more flexible. Here’s the starting point:

  • Add an MP3 file or ‘other’ file (in my case, a video file)
  • Convert the video file to MP3 and upload (actually with Podbean, the upload has to be authorized first)
  • During this time, the user can type in a Title and Speaker, and the date and day are automatically added based on the current time.
  • When the user clicks “Rename and Publish”, the program will wait until the upload is complete, then rename the mp3 (and in this case, mov) files and publish the episode. This helps me to keep track of titles / speakers when I have to go back and find a file to make a CD. Yes I could just re-download the file from Podbean (and sometimes I do), but having file names with titles and speakers helps me to think that I’m very organized.

Couple of things this program helps with – you can click publish before the upload completes,. This is useful to me so I don’t have to wait around after church for the file to finish uploading (our internet speed was recently greatly increased, so this isn’t as much of an issue, but it’s still nice.)

Secondly, I won’t have to type “Sunday Evening – MM-DD-YYYY” every time, and I’ll even be able to put in the speaker, since it’s usually the same one. So I’ll just have to add the title, which I might be able to get from a CSV file.

Eventually I’d like to make the “Rename” field to be completely customizable instead of the “Title – Speaker – Day Time of Day – Date” format I have.

What’s really slowing me down is Podbean only allowing one upload per day on their free account, and their really strange way of sending errors. I admit, I’m not a seasoned dev, so maybe the issue is me, but sometimes I get and sometimes err is undefined (even though there was an error) and I’m pretty sure sometimes I even get an err in the .then() block. /sigh/

But, progress is being made, and I will be sharing what I’ve learned here.