update on ninja forms with conditions

In my last post, I speculated whether writing JS to make Ninja form conditions was better/faster than doing it using the build-in editor. I no longer wonder.

We needed to make a change, from “Grade” to “Grade entering in the fall.”

For all 6 students.

And since I changed the text, the conditional logic broke. (Ninja forms please fix this.)

And I decided to update them by hand. Thankfully the rule and logic remained correct, but the field associated with that logic had to be selected again. It wasn’t toooo bad, but it definitely wasn’t fun, especially since I made a mistake or two. (6 conditions * 5 students = 30 fields to update… I can only image if I had tried to do them all by hand to start…)

Also, Ninja forms, you gotta move the delete button away from the collapse button and / or confirm on delete.