Facebook – Incorrect Error Message (with Meteor)

I guess this isn’t Meteor specific, but I’ve been staring sadly at the following error message for the past hour, toggling every check box and setting I could find, and typing in every domain I could think of:

It turns out, the problem wasn’t my App Domains. What I actually needed was to specify the “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” that Meteor uses (it’s empty in the following image):


Use the following URI: https://YOUR_APP_URL.COM/_oauth/facebook?close

Then your Settings > Basic > App Domains can even be empty (although you probably want to put it in just in case…)


I followed this guide, and now that I look closely, I do see that he does mention you need the App DomainSite URL and OAuth callback URL at the very bottom in the going live section… wish I’d noticed that an hour ago, or that it had been included in the body of the app setup, or that Facebook had reported the correct error…

Source: https://medium.com/@jaaaco/add-facebook-login-to-meteor-app-in-2-minutes-3c744b46009e